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FAQs - Family Mediation

Here are some commonly asked questions about family mediation answered by our Consilia Mediation team.

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Child Inclusive Mediation: Letter to a Child

When speaking to children as part of the family mediation process, I will send a letter inviting them to meet with me.

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The Benefits of Mediation for Separated Parents.

We explain some of the main benefits to parents who engage in the family mediation process.

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Summer Holidays: How to Approach Contact Arrangements

Tips for separated parents when resolving issues surrounding summer holiday contact arrangements for their children.

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Why Choose Mediation?

Our Zara Rafiq explains the key benefits of family mediation for separated couples.

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Making mediation costs more manageable

At Consilia Mediation we have launched our new mediation fee assistance scheme.

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Forget Divorce-Day lets call it Mediation Month

Our guide to the family mediation process.

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The importance of pensions on divorce

Family Solicitor, Laura Clapton considers the importance of pensions on divorce and why they should not be overlooked when negotiating a settlement.

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4 Steps, 4 Benefits - Mediation made easy

Our guide to the family mediation process and its benefits

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After the summer has gone: child arrangements

Tips for separated parents after the summer holidays

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